Soul Slap Bundle

Soul Slap Bundle

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The Best of Both Worlds

Our smelling salts have been formulated to provide the biggest SLAP possible in a convenient, portable size. Nose Slap! allows you energy in your pocket, and Soul Slap! packs an even bigger punch when you need it.

Portable Energy

Smelling salts allow you to be awake when you want, but without the lasting effects like caffeine. Nose Slap! smelling salts come in a portable bottle to throw in your pocket, gym bag, or cup holder. Just add water to activate.

Long Lasting

We ship it to you non activated- this means that you get the longest possible life out of our product. Simply follow the instructions and you are ready to get slapped.

Customer Reviews

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Robert L.
Get yourselves some

At the end of the day it's smelling salts. 1) it works well and gets you back to where you want to be. 2) DO NOT ADD TOO MUCH WATER TO ACTIVATE!!! I can not stress this enough. I ruined one because I added to much. We need a sprayer for adding water. 3) Do NOT hold to close to your face it will burn your eyes and hits way harder on Soul Slap. I teared up and I'm no small person. Stay safe and it works. Just a quick wiff and you're in there. A measuring spoon for water to activate is the only way to get the most out of this amazing product. Try the sample pack it will be the best thing you've tried to wake you up or to just give you a pep. Try it. You won't be disappointed. Note the sides too push in together and the lid pops open. Hold it with your thumb and open when ready. It's a blast of fresh and will get you ready to take in whatever. Just try it. It works and is safe.

Andrew Demo
Got slapped

It definitely Slapped the shit out of me.

Juan Pena

the best solution to laziness, without a doubt the best alternative to an energy drink, I love it and I recommend it 100%

Tony Rod
Aye guey !!!!

This product is awesome I have a few coworkers that are looking to order this product !!!!!

This stuff !!!

Best stuff I've had . Got it in the mail . After working 9 hours . Hit me a sniff .cleaned my shed and did a whole workout !!

Powerful, Portable,

100% All - Natural

All of our simple ingredients are derived from natural sources and clearly listed on our labels.


With Nose Slap on-hand, you’re always just seconds away from a clear head and feeling prepped to crush whatever it is that’s in front of you.


Rejuvenate your mind, refresh your senses, and increase your focus… all without harmful chemicals or sugary energy drinks.

Simple Science

Smelling salts have been used for thousands of years to provide alertness and an increased flow of oxygen to the brain.


Add 1/2 capful of water

Close lid tightly

Shake tube vigorously for 1 minute

Wait 5 minutes for salts to activate

Hold 6-12 inches under nose

Squeeze sides near opening & open lid